3 Top Transportation Jobs in Canada

Canada is home to many manufacturing and distribution companies, which provide numerous job opportunities for people who want to work in the field of transportation. While most transportation jobs simply involve the transfer of goods from one place to another, some transportation jobs entail product quality assurance and coordinating the distribution and transfer of products.

Below are some examples of specific transportation job positions in Canada:

Professional long-haul truck drivers

Carrying out the tasks of professional long-haul truck drivers requires manual dexterity and physical prowess. Driving long-haul trucks is not that easy, which is why most employers require applicants to have years of experience working in the same industry and position. Obviously, applicants who want to become professional long-haul truck drivers should also have a valid Class 1 driving license.

Heavy equipment mechanics

Relevant work experience is among the main requirements for this type of transportation job. Candidates who have earned a certificate course in heavy equipment maintenance are also at an advantage in applying for the position of heavy equipment mechanic. Employers also seek applicants who can detect and repair faults and malfunctions in various industrial equipment.

Knowledge in computerized testing equipment is also a plus, though not always required.

Transit and transportation engineers

Employers offering these jobs look for applicants who graduated with a degree in Engineering. Applicants for the senior positions of this type of job must at least have three years work experience in a transportation company. Transit and transportation engineers are tasked to create, oversee and develop operation plans for the company.

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