Chemical Toxicologist Jobs in Canada

Toxicology is defined as the study of the effects that certain chemicals have on living organisms. This covers the study of treatments, symptoms, mechanisms, and detection of poisoning in living organisms, especially humans.

Toxicologists are employed by industries and companies that deal with chemical and substance production and handling, such as industrial manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, makeup and cosmetic laboratories, food and beverage industries, etc.

Chemical Toxicologist

Chemical toxicology is a field of discipline that deals with the study of the toxic effects that chemical agents have on humans. It is considered as a multi-disciplinary discipline because it also covers microbiology, biochemistry, and other scientific disciplines. In the professional world, chemical toxicologists are hired to conduct experiments on test animals, which involve applying cosmetic ingredients and substances on the test animals skin and checking for any abnormal reactions.

Experience Required

If there are observed skin reactions, chemical toxicologists are also in charge of coming up with an antidote that will best neutralize or eliminate the toxic effects of the experimental substance. To qualify for the position of chemical toxicologist, a BS degree in related branches of Chemistry is necessary. Because the work of toxicologists is highly specialized and potentially dangerous, significant number of years for work experience is also required.

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