Top earning jobs in Canada

When it comes to high-paying jobs in Canada, education is a major factor. Also, it is reported that Western Canada salary rates are higher than that of other Canadian regions. You may get lucky if you do combine an advanced education with the proper location.

Canadian top-earners

True to the belief that education factors significantly in Canadian salaries, recognized top earning jobs in 2007 are those that need specialized education and training. For example, people in engineering, science and architecture management top the list of high earners. The next four jobs in the list based on their hourly rates of the following:

– computer engineers – computer and information systems managers – public administration managers – electrical engineers

Going West

Canadian workers may explore better opportunities in Western Canada. According to some studies, salary rates in the region are highly competitive. This is because the West is home to booming businesses and well-studied expansions.

Making it work for you

If you are still a student, then you browse through the list of top earning jobs. Based on the list, you can pick the degree that you will take. You have to exert effort and dedication to your studies so you can further improve your employment chances with good grades. If you have already graduated with a non-related degree, you may take supplementary classes or another degree. Or, if you think you simply do not have time for that, you can look for other more rewarding job options.

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