Tool Engineer Jobs in Canada

Engineering is one of Canada’s top and most lucrative industries. From computer to mechanical engineering, the country offers countless opportunities for jobseekers with an engineering background and expertise. In the field of mechanical engineering, among the most in-demand jobs are those of tool engineer jobs. Tool engineers are highly valued workers in the industry because they ensure that the industrial tools and machinery used by companies are fully functional.

Tasks and responsibilities

As the position title implies, tool engineers are responsible for engineering, designing, and repairing industrial tools and equipment. One of their main duties is to ensure that all the equipment and machinery being used in the company are in good working order and are compliant with industrial law and regulations. Tool engineers are also in charge of developing and implementing alternative methods and solutions for damaged and ineffective tools and equipment, as well as revising maintenance requirements and methods for industrial tools.

Requirements and qualifications

Depending on the employment grade or level of the tool engineer job, employers may require applicants to have a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering, computer science, or other disciplines related to the field of tool engineering. The number of work experience required also depends on the employer’s specifications and preference and the level of expertise required in the specific tool engineering job. Some employers post vacancies for tool engineering jobs which specify a required number of years of work experience and strictly stick to that requirement, while some are more lenient and will consider applicants who exhibit thorough knowledge on related subject matters such as CAD, 3D modeling systems, ISO, APQP and SPC process and systems, CAM software, etc.

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