Tool and Die Jobs in Canada

Tool and die jobs in Canada are among the in-demand and highly skilled jobs available. Tool and die jobs in Canada require precision work that takes years to master. Normally, those in tool and die jobs in Canada have at least four years of education and training. They’ve gone through formal education, apprenticeship and on-the-job training.

Scope of work

Workers who do tool and die jobs in Canada are concerned with the production of tools, dies and guiding/ holding devices for machines that manufacture different kinds of items. They also create tools that cut and form metals and other manufacturing materials. Likewise, diemakers create metal molds that for stamping, forging, diecasting metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials. Tool and die workers also take care of maintaining the tools and dies that they created.

Machines and precise measuring instruments are used in creating the different tools and dies. Tool and die workers should then be familiar with these machines and instruments. They should continually study as machines and instruments are continually improved and upgraded.


The procedures in tools and die jobs start with planning the manufacturing operation for the certain tool/ die. Metal components are then measured and marked. These components will then be cut and bored, according to requirements, and then assembled.

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