Bilingual assistance coordinator & Spanish-speaking Jobs in Canada

Being proficient in two or more languages has a lot of perks. Aside from having an enhanced cultural background, bilingual speakers are also valued highly in various professional industries. Bilingual speakers are often offered competitive salary packages because they possess a skill that a small percentage of Canada’s workforce has — fluency and proficiency in two major languages, often Spanish and English, English and French, or Spanish and French.

Below are examples of some in-demand Spanish-speaking jobs in Canada:

Customer care representative

Call centers are in need of bilingual or multi-lingual customer service representatives because these companies deal with clients and customers from different parts of the country. To provide effective and helpful customer service to clients, representatives and agents should be able to converse with clients in a language that is understandable to both parties. Employers are usually not strict with academic background in the application requirements. They are, however, strict in hiring applicants with demonstrable knowledge and proficiency in the languages required.

Bilingual assistance coordinator

Bilingual assistance coordinators are employed in various industries such as health care, finance and banking, and in any other industry or company that deals with international clients. Bilingual assistance coordinators are needed in public law offices, sales and retail industries, and even in job placement agencies.

Again, employers are not that strict about educational requirements as long as the applicant possesses the level of speaking and writing proficiency needed in carrying out the tasks of the job.

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