Six Sigma Jobs Canada

Here are hints and tips to make the lives easier of those who want to be part of Six Sigma Canada.

Choosing the Provider

Assuming that one chooses to hire a consulting company, bear in mind that you would be sifting through so many Six Sigma providers. Indeed, to say that this narrowing of the field is very difficult is no exaggeration. First selection would be done via phone interviews, web searches and referrals.

When one has the shortlist of about 4, the real action commences. One should think of these shortlisted items of providers as though they were candidates to a crucial and sensitive office position. Every consulting entity must be willing to give the person a 3- to 4-hour intro to Six Sigma.

Ultimately, the hired entity should have instructors with a passion for what they are about to impart.

Other considerations vis-a-vis Six Sigma Jobs

The cost should never be disregarded in choosing the provider. Aside from the cost, all of the following have to be considered:

  • overall model
  • costs per day
  • number of days concerned
  • hidden costs

The hired entity should be willing to be of service at any hour and should, at the very least, provide phone support. It would be very hard if that company works from 8 to 5, and the candidate/customer would be left at the mercy of the fates if he or she works on a crucial project during graveyard hours.

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