Retired Police Officer Jobs

Retiring from the police force is not the end of the world for active workers. If you are bored with the idea of staying at home, you will feel better knowing that retired police officers can still work. Jobs for retired police officers may not be as dynamic as the former service or duty, but will let you earn a living after retirement. These jobs will also allow you to use the expert skills back in the service, though in a different position or circumstance.

Possible jobs for retired police officers

As a retired police officer, you can work as a support for active police officers. You may be assigned to any of the following departments:

– crime investigation – fraud – law enforcement

Skills and requirements

If you are a retired police officer, then you may look for jobs in the line of police work or investigation. Though not as active as you were in the field, retired officer jobs in Canada may still require the following skills:

– investigative skills – interrogative skills – knowledge of legislation

Retired police officers in Canada

Many retired police officers in Canada work as security guards instead of direct police support. To ensure safety in schools, the management may employ retired police officers to serve as the school’s chief security guard. The same is true for other business establishments and organizations that need protection.

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