Renewable Energy Jobs Canada

Here are some good news for job hunters who are seeking Canadian (particularly Ontario) renewable energy jobs.

The Next Generation Jobs Fund

There is a new fund for the promotion and securing of high-pay energy jobs for Ontario citizens. Called the “Next Generation Jobs Fund,” this fund means that $650M would be made available to entities wanting to invest in the development of clean fuels, clean cars, and renewable methods – in a visit to a particular Oshawa plant.

Premier Dalton McGuinty said that Ontario knows that it can entice investments, and come up with good full time jobs by collaborating with firms looking for the novel and aggressive North American locations. He also added that the new thing is designing a bankroll earmarked particularly for the manufacturing of green products/technologies in many areas.

The requirements

To bid for support, a firm must be able to show that they could:

  • Get good jobs for Ontario’s residents
  • Cut down on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Contribute to the establishment of Ontario as a leader in this particular market
  • Enhance current strengths in which Ontario holds a strong research base, or to make a new field of expertise
  • Come up with synergy among professionals and the research people.

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