Recruiter Jobs in Canada

Find yourself at the opposite end of an interview and become a recruiter. When still applying to become a recruiter, you will have to put your application in order and make sure that you have the ability to screen job candidates. When you do become a recruiter, you have to pore through several applications and arrange the interviews.

Required education

To become a recruiter, you need to have a degree in Human Resources. If not, even a bachelor’s degree in business can be credited.

Make yourself a better recruiter

To better your chances of becoming as a recruiter, you must graduate with excellent grades and not just with passing ones. You must also be well-versed with labor laws, to ensure fairness when screening employees. Other ways to improve yourself as a recruiter include:

– creating great relationships with co-employees – being an aggressive “head-hunter” – being familiar with what the company’s goals – creating methods that will identify success and failure

Become a recruiter in Canada

In Canada, job titles in recruiting include:

– corporate recruiter – recruiting specialist – manager talent acquisition – human resources administrator – payroll specialist

The above job titles are quite similar. For a specific job description, you have to read the profile prepared by the company.

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