Real Estate Jobs in Canada

With almost all Canadians looking to buy a home sooner or later, real estate jobs and realtors in Canada aren’t going anywhere soon.

In Canada, where there are vast empty spaces to build homes or develop into business sites, many look to a promising career in real estate.

Canada even has sites that cater for people working in real estate. There, you can learn more about working for real estate in any of the Canadian provinces.

Required skills and education

You have to first find out the licensing requirements for the Canadian province, where you are planning to work. Depending on the province, you may be required to undergo some training and finish a pre-license course. In general, however, you may be a graduate of any course, though a finance-related degree may give you an advantage.

To become a realtor in Edmonton, for example will require alignment with the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) in addition to the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).

To work in the real estate business, you must have excellent people skills. You must be able to stir the interest of buyers through good combination of sales and communication skills. Working for long hours could also be one of the requirements of these jobs.

Possible earnings

When working for a real estate company, your earnings would also rely on the property you sell. Aside from the base salary, you will be receiving commissions or a certain percentage on sales you made.

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