Public Service Jobs Canada: Benefits & Compensation

Would you like to get a job that will enable you to create a positive impact on the lives of many Canadians? If so, then you might want to consider applying for public service jobs in Canada.

There are many employment opportunities for those seeking public service jobs. Whether you want to work outdoors or inside an office, there are various public service jobs for you.

Reasons for choosing public service jobs

There are many reasons for you to choose public service jobs. Jobs in the public service sector are diverse, giving you the chance to acquire new knowledge and skills. There are also many job opportunities for those who wish to find jobs in the public sector, with more than 75 federal organizations searching for qualified individuals with the right skills to serve Canadians.

You can apply as a program manager, computer specialist, nurse, economist, geologist, test pilot, or choose from other job positions.


Public service jobs in Canada can also provide you an attractive compensation package that includes good base salary, great benefits, vacation and other types of leave, and flexible work schedules. Jobs in the public service sector also provides you with multitude opportunities for career growth.

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