Private vs. Institution Hired Caregiver Jobs in Canada

Canadian residents and foreign workers alike go to different provinces and cities in Canada to look for job opportunities. And while Canada is abundant with various industries that thrive in the country, the demand for health care and hospitality workers are steadily on the rise.

Among the positions that need to be filled are those of caregivers, both private and institution-hired.

Private caregiver

Private caregivers are hired by families who need the help of someone to look after kids, elderly members of the family, and other relatives with special needs. The popularity of live-in caregivers is also seen in the number of families who are now hiring immigrant live-in, private caregivers to attend to the needs of the members of the family.

Families who hire live-in caregivers and want to help the applicant migrate to Canada, also often shoulder the travel, food, and lodging expenses of the hired caregiver. This sets the mutually beneficial arrangement between the family and the caregiver.

Institution-hired caregiver

As the name implies, this type of caregiving job is the one you usually see posted on job search websites and online placement agencies. Institution-hired caregivers are the ones hired by hospitals and other health institutions to provide care to patients and monitor their physical and mental well-being.

Whereas employers of privately hired caregivers may not be as strict with the application requirements, hospitals and institutions are more observant of requirements for academic background and work experience of the caregiving applicants they hire.

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