Power Engineer Canada Jobs

Those who are looking for engineering jobs will do well to check out the many opportunities available in Canada. The country is home to many manufacturing and engineering companies with offices that are located in various cities and provinces. One specific area of engineering is power and electric engineer. Read on to find out more about power engineer jobs in Canada.

Tasks and responsibilities

One of the main duties of power engineers is to ensure that all electrical and power equipment used are in good working order and are compliant with current industry standards and regulations. Power engineers are also in charge of ensuring that the installed systems and equipment comply with the Safety Codes Act and other recognized standards and regulations in the industry. Other duties and tasks carried out by power engineers include providing technical support to clients and company staff, reviewing inspection methods and programs, performing accident investigations, filing and drafting reports and updating the company’s equipment inspection database.

Requirements and qualifications

One of the common requirements that employers ask from applicants is the Power Engineer’s Certificate of Competency. This certificate is categorized according to class. The required class of Power Engineer’s Certificate of Competency depends on the specific job engineer position you’re applying for. Most employers are not strict about applicants having a college degree, as long as they have the said certification to prove that they are capable of holding power engineer jobs. If you want to gain an edge over the other power engineer applicants, you can get an “A” Endorsement from the National Board Commission and designation as a Safety Codes Officer.

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