Chief pilot for the Government of Calgary Pilot Jobs in Canada

Pilot jobs in Canada are not restricted to commercial airlines and the Air Force. Rich private individuals, television networks, and big companies also hire pilots to operate their own aircraft. Those who possess the skills and knowledge to hold pilot jobs are often paid highly and are very much in-demand because very few people have these required skills and knowledge.

It is common knowledge that pilots are the ones who fly and operate aircrafts, but to give a better idea of what pilot jobs exactly entail, here’s an example:

Chief pilot for the Government of Calgary

As the chief pilot for the Calgary Police Service, you will be in charge of providing support and direction to the Air Services Unit. You will also be in charge of keeping your co-pilots and other staff members updated on emerging trends in aviation operations.

The chief pilot will also play a significant role in determining the annual budget needs for aviation activities and programs. To qualify for the position of chief pilot in the city government of Calgary, you must be a passer of Transport Canada, Chief Pilot or Operations Manager, and CARS 704 exams.

You must also have the appropriate licenses to fly and operate specific types of aircraft.

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