Pharmaceutical Representative Jobs in Canada

You can still contribute to the health care industry even if you don’t have a medical degree. Being part of the pharmaceutical industry does not only make you a seller or a manufacturer or medicine, it also enables you to help people get better. So before you work for any pharmaceutical company, might as well check the background of the company you’re representing. Find out if the pharmaceutical company is indeed manufacturing effective medicines that are sold at fair prices.

Required education and skills

If you want to build a career as a pharmaceutical representative, you must earn at least a bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree could anything, though science-based degrees are preferable. You have better chances of getting employed as a pharmaceutical rep if you have a competent knowledge of human anatomy and how diseases affect it. Company itself could offer the training and briefing on this as part of the product orientation. Ideally, pharmaceutical representatives must also have excellent communications skills and a likable personality. These skills are important when dealing with clients.

Possible compensation

In Canada, pharmaceutical representatives are known to earn decent wages, although the compensation and benefits package depend on the pharmaceutical company. The salary of a pharmaceutical representative may also be based on performance and the size of the company.

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