Pathology Jobs in Canada

If you want to find out the cause of disease or even the cause of death, you fit in well as a pathologist. Pathology jobs will require skillful observation, an analytic mind and a strong stomach from you. You will be spending your time examining body fluids and tissues.

Required education

To become a pathologist, you do not have to be a doctor, though medicine is an excellent career path. Still, some pathologists have a medical degree. Others, however, can still work as a pathologist with a science degree and some pathology training. To be immersed into pathology-related research, you need to earn a PhD.


You can choose an area of specialty in pathology. Forensic pathology is at the forefront as you will be able to use science to solve crimes. This is a popular branch of pathology where investigation actually happens in the morgue or in a laboratory. Other specializations are prenatal pathology, pediatric pathology and chemical pathology.

Pathology jobs in Canada

Most of the pathologists in Canada are hired in laboratories or in hospitals. If you are a pathologist looking for work in Canada, you will have better chances at being employed as a pathologist that diagnoses diseases than one that diagnoses cause of death.

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