Paratransit Driver Jobs Canada

You do not have to earn a psychology degree just to serve the disabled as well as senior citizens. Today, you can help people who would normally have trouble getting around on their own. As a paratransit driver, you can make people appreciate some level of independence.

Role of a paratransit driver

As a paratransit driver, you act not just as a driver but also as a sort of hospital orderly. You have to pick up or bring home your clients and make sure that they are safely delivered right inside their home. Many of your clients will have trouble walking and must be seated on a wheelchair. You then have to maneuver their wheelchair right to their door.

Skills and values

As mentioned, you will be acting as both driver and hospital orderly. As a driver, you need to have a good driving record and a professional driver’s license. As a hospital orderly, you need to be physically strong to be able to lift some clients and maneuver their wheelchairs. All in all, you need to be polite and caring about your clients, especially those who are suffering from aches and pains.

Paratransit driver jobs in Canada

When applying for a paratransit driver job in Canada, you will have to undergo physical examinations and background checks. This will help ensure that you are right for the job. You also need to possess a driver’s license to qualify.

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