Ministry Jobs Canada

If your calling is in the Christian ministry, you should consider browsing websites devoted to Christian ministry jobs in Canada. Imagine having to answer your Christian calling without compromising your family’s needs. As a youth pastor or a minister in Canada, you will be receiving a regular salary.

What ministry jobs are all about

If you are part of a Christian ministry, it is your duty to lead your “flock” to God. Through building your own community at church, you bring people closer to God and to each other. You will try making services more interesting so that even the youth will participate. You can also help organize activities outside of Church, counsel married couples, and perform Christian ceremonies.

Pastor’s salary in Canada

A youth pastor in Canada earns a decent wage on hist first four years of service. For ministers and other ministry job holders who have served the church for 20 or more years, the pay range is higher. Salaries can also vary depending on the employer. Those employed under non-profit organizations earn less than others. In the end, your choice of employers will depend on your own beliefs and needs. The differences among salaries are not that substantial, especially for people in ministry jobs who value more the kind of service they can offer.

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