Medical Transcription Jobs Canada

Looking for authentic home-based jobs? You can work as a medical transcriptionist or a medical transcriber. Medical transcription is compatible with people who need to stay home for some reason. Though forms of medical transcription have existed even during prehistoric times, it is only recently that the modernized form is recognized and popularized.

Duties of a medical transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist must check physicians’ recordings for technical errors, as well as for inconsistencies and inaccuracies. He or she must paraphrase the dictations while putting them into written record. The medical transcriber must also expand abbreviations and translate medical jargons.

Skills needed in transcription

Because medical transcribers need to identify errors in physicians’ dictations, they must understand medical jargons or terminology. Other skills you will need to become a medical transcriber include:

– excellent listening skills – good typing skills – fluency in English – high level of concentration – ability to work for extended periods – ability to understand various accents – ability to deduct inconsistencies while transcribing – familiarity with the human anatomy – computer literacy

Salary of a medical transcriptionist in Canada

Medical transcriptionists earn salaries based on the type of project they’re handling. The rates also depend on the company they work for and years of experience.

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