4 Popular Media Jobs in Canada for 2017

If you want to work in the media industry, then you should know that there are many positions that you can apply for. These positions typically require different skills. Below are just some of the media jobs you might want to consider in 2017:


Journalists write and edit commentaries, features, and news reports for magazines, newspapers, radio, or television. When you become a journalist, your tasks will most likely include gathering news and information, doing research, writing articles, and presenting news on air. Journalists may also specialize as columnists, news reporters, or feature writers.

Media presenter

Media presenters are tasked with delivering various programs on television and radio. These include interviews, music and chat programs, news bulletins, and sports programs. If you plan on being a media presenter, you might want to consider specializing as a newsreader, political commentator, talkback announcer, or disc jockey.

Film, stage, and television director

Film, stage, and television directors are in charge of directing specific aspects of production or overall production of film, stage, or television shows. They are responsible for ensuring that all things are ready to be performed or filmed.

Film and television camera operator

Film and television camera operators are responsible for setting up, positioning, and operating camera equipment in various locations to film or photograph scenes, events, or people.

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