Logging Jobs in Canada

Oil, logging, forestry and mining are among Canada’s most important industries. This is why job seekers will find a plethora of job options available in these said industries. If you plan on applying for logging jobs, you should first check out the various positions available, as well as the requirements to qualify for the job.

Below are just some examples of forestry and logging jobs you can apply for in Canada:

Forest technologist

Forest technologists are in charge of conducting timber harvesting examination and managing road and block layouts. To qualify for the position of forest technologist, applicants must have working knowledge on GPS and tight-chain traversing and also have a forestry degree or diploma from an accredited and recognized institution.

Applicants are often required to have work experience in a related job designation or industry.

Logging truck driver

The main duty of logging truck drivers is to transport collected timber and ensure that goods and products are delivered in good condition. Employers also require logging truck driver applicants to have knowledge in writing inspection, maintenance, and repair reports, filling out a driver logbook, and filing accident or incident reports.

A Driver’s license is, of course, necessary to carry out the tasks of this job.

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