Top Legal Jobs in Canada

Canada is a good place to start or enhance your career in the legal profession. According to a legal job search website, the unemployment rate for legal jobs in Canada is low. The average salary range for workers in the legal industry is also slightly higher as compared to the average salary in other professions.

Legal assistance and staff positions

Those applying for positions as legal assistants or paralegals and court staffers are usually required to have a university degree in law. Most employers do not require paralegals and staff members to be bar passers.

They are, however, required to have working knowledge of the various legal processes and proper handling and drafting of legal documents.

Lawyer or legal counsel

Employers who are looking to hire lawyers and legal counsels are usually strict with their requirements for applicants. Not only do applicants need to be members of a Bar Association in a Canadian province or territory, most employers also require applicants to have a minimum of five years experience in law practice. Some employers even require a minimum of ten years work experience.

Litigation jobs involve representing clients in actual trials or legal processes; it’s important that applicants are equipped with the skills and knowledge on effective client representation. A lot is also expected of legal counsels because they serve as “gurus” for those who lack knowledge on legal processes and ramifications of legal actions and lawsuits.

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