Top Jobs in Victoria BC Canada

Victoria is the capital city of the province of British Columbia in Canada. Tourism is the city’s biggest industry, drawing in more millions of visitors every year.

Although a large percentage of these visitors are tourists, a significant portion also go to Victoria to look for jobs and explore the employment opportunities in the city. Aside from tourism, Victoria’s other major industries are education, information technology, telecommunication, and government services and administration — all of which are responsible for providing Victorian residents, as well as foreigners, with numerous job opportunities.

Health and hospitality

Those who have medical and nursing background will find tons of health job opportunities in the city of Victoria. From nursing assistants to pharmaceutical clerks, the city abounds with vacancies in private and public hospitals and pharmaceutical firms.

Those who want to explore hospitality jobs may also want to apply for positions such as housekeeping staff or manager, dietitian, cook, food service attendant, bell person, banquet server or porter, and training manager. Those with a background in human resources may also work under the recruitment department in hotels, hospitals, and medical institutions.

Computer and information technology

The fields of computer and information technology are constantly in need of workers who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and background on computer networking systems, computer engineering, and other disciplines related to the field.

Those who fit this description will be glad to know that Victoria offers countless job opportunities for software and application developers, web developers, technical consultants, computer engineers, and tons more.

To qualify for these positions, just make sure that you meet the employer’s application requirements and that you have a working knowledge on the field.

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