Popular Jobs in Ottawa Ontario Canada

Ottawa is rich with job opportunities in the fields of recruitment, information technology and telecommunications, customer service, banking and finance, administrative and clerical work, retail and real estate, accounting, and tons more.

Here are some examples of the vacant job positions commonly advertised in Ottawa:

Technical writer

Telecommunications and electronics companies in Ottawa are often in need of technical writers to help in the preparation and writing of user manuals for various products and applications. Technical writers are in charge of producing template formats for user manuals before presenting them to the client for approval. In addition, technical writers are also the ones who design the format for the user manuals.

They are also tasked to prepare documentation for the purpose of training internal and external users (employees and clients). To qualify for the job, applicants must have had experience in writing user guides and manuals and be willing to work long and flexible hours. Bilingualism is also a desired asset, but may not be required.

Executive assistant

Executive assistants are in charge of handling office documents, correspondence, entertaining client calls and queries, and usually, coming up with effective filing systems. The executive assistant is also in charge of booking car rentals, airplane flights, hotel accommodations, and keeping track of office-related expenses.

Executive assistants are also in charge of booking and arranging meetings between the director or senior manager and clients. Application requirements for this position are not that extensive, although proficiency in computer applications is a must.

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