Jobs in Alberta Canada

Jobseekers planning to get a job in Alberta will find a plethora of employment options available in the western Canadian province. Although tourism, agriculture and forestry, and information technology are the province’s leading industries, there are also tons of employment opportunities in other fields such as business, culture and the arts, healthcare, trades and transport, as well as sales and services.

Many jobseekers go to Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, thinking that this is the only place where jobs abound. On the contrary, other cities and provinces such as Calgary, Red Deer, and Fort McMurray also offer many employment opportunities in various fields such as the following:

Primary resource extraction and agriculture

Among the positions one can apply for in this field include dairy farm worker, horticulturist or plant care manager, maintenance staff, grounds manager, and researcher. For more specialized positions in this field, applicants would need to have related work experience and background on the area of specialization. Application requirements vary depending on the employment grade or level, the position applied for, and employer preferences.

Sales and service sector

A good employment option for skilled workers who lack university or college education is to go into service jobs. Some of the available job positions in the service sector include cook, waiter or waitress, hairstylist, laundry attendant, bartender, washperson, cleaner, and room attendant. Regardless of the field one wants to be part of, there are a lot of employment options and vacancies found in the province of Alberta, Canada.

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