Bakery Production Manager

6 March 2017 | 12:00 am

Major Responsibilities:

Bakery and Staff Management

  • Manage and run food preparation and the production process in a bakery environment in accordance with corporate policies and procedures, as well as government regulations
  • Handle and supervise the employment of Technical Specialists at the bakery, including hiring, staff turnover, scheduling, providing recognition for productivity and taking disciplinary actions when required
  • Provide ongoing coaching, education and professional development to bakery staff on the production process, corporate policies and health regulations, including workshops, seminars and classes
  • Manage a clean workplace throughout the day and in accordance with health and safety policies, ensuring all equipment is in working condition and properly cleaned
  • Create Asian bakery items from scratch that feature fresh and seasonally appropriate ingredients
  • Ensure recipes created are being executed in accordance to specification requests and quantities

Productivity and Profitability

  • Improve production and efficiency by testing the performance of existing equipment and evaluating the cost and benefits of new equipment
  • Create and plan quality bakery items while keeping the material and labour costs within the budgetary constraints so as to maximize profitability
  • Ensure that food waste and spoilage are kept to a minimum
  • Analyze the company’s plans to ensure the maximization of operating efficiencies
  • Participate in the selection of new equipment and materials so as to streamline and improve work processes

Research, Development and Market Awareness

  • Stay current with techniques, preparations, ingredients and new recipes related to Asian-style bakery products, as well as baking methods to successfully enhance product quality
  • Constantly review the company’s existing Asian-style bread, cake, mousse and pastry product lines. Developing new products according to what is popular in the Asian-bakery market in order to enhance market competitiveness
  • Perform the appropriate research and development procedures and process standardization according to the company’s strategic and merchandizing directions

Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) and Process Improvement

  • Inspect the bakery department to ensure that all standards and procedures related to security, sanitation, equipment, worker’s compensation, Health Department policies, amongst others, are being followed
  • Prepare timely reports on new or improved work processes
  • Assist in developing, updating and documenting the new or improved production processes in terms of Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) regularly or whenever there is a change in work processes and equipment

Knowledge, Skills and Ability Requirements:

  • A seasoned expert in Asian-style pastry products (including Asian-style bread, cake and pastries)
  • Minimum of 5 years in the pastry/bakery (Asian-style) industry
  • Experience as a Pastry Chef in a high-volume bakery, manufacturing facility, or chain store pastry operation is an asset
  • Well-versed knowledge in all kinds of ingredients, equipment and production methods of different pastries and work technologies
  • Must be able to identify and keep abreast of the Asian-bakery market trend, be innovative and able to turn ideas into business opportunities
  • Must be able to conduct hands-on demonstration and instruction of techniques, recipes and methods for various kinds of pastry products
  • Possess strong analytical skills, excellent interpersonal and communication skills and ability to make constructive recommendations
  • Experience managing and supervising a team. Able to demonstrate good management and mentoring skills, as well as leadership by example
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast paced, food production environment
  • Possess basic knowledge of computer skills and is comfortable in using Microsoft Excel and Wor


  • 10 days vacation
  • Provincial health care plan
  • Extended health care plan
  • Dental care plan
  • Group life insurance and accidental death & dismemberment plan
  • Vision care plan
  • Long term disability insurance plan
  • Staff purchasing discount

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