Interpreter Jobs Work from Home in Canada

Thanks to modern technology, you can now work from practically anywhere. Even a job as an interpreter can now be done at home. Usually, you would expect interpreters to be part of a conference or to accompany their bosses in meetings with people from foreign countries. Today, however, Canada and some other English-speaking countries favor home-based over-the-phone interpretations.

Is the job right for you?

Have you always loved learning foreign languages? If you have a good ear for another language, you can work well as an interpreter. Home-based interpreters will have to depend solely on what they hear. You must be able to analyze a sentence quickly to convert it to another language in a span of seconds. Or, you may be assigned to listen to someone who speaks little English and be able to respond to the person in a manner he or she will understand.


The problem with home-based jobs is that some of them turn out to be scams. Be careful not to give your prospective employer fees that you should been paying in the first place. Instead, they should pay you for taking home-based interpreter jobs.

Possible salary

As of 2007, interpreters are paid hourly rates that range based on the are of practice. For instance, the hourly rate in Ontario differs from the rate in Montreal-Quebec area.

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