Instrument Jobs Canada

More Canadians, thanks to the abundance of factories and plants in the country, are showing more interest in instrumentation. Instrumentation is the science that deals with the design, utilization, configuration, and improvement of mechanical equipment. Here are some examples of instrument jobs in Canada:

Instrument technician jobs

Instrument technicians are responsible for installing and repairing the instruments used in both commercial and industrial processing. They specialize in diagnosing and troubleshooting mechanical instruments. The industries they work for are involved in industrial instrument servicing, pulp processing, mining, industrial construction, commercial manufacturing, manufacturing plants, and hydro power generation.

Duties of instrument technicians

– determine maintenance procedures – inspect faulty instruments – adjust system components – operate testing devices – calibrate mechanical components – assemble instrument parts

Instrumentation engineer jobs

People who study the principle and operation of instruments, however, are instrumentation engineers. Instrumentation engineers ensure the efficiency and functionality of instruments through proper design and configuration. They work in cement plants, refineries, steel plants, and thermal power stations. The goal of instrumentation engineers is to ensure productivity and safety in the workplace.

Duties of instrumentation engineers

– develop mechanical machinery – configure mechanical equipment – design control systems – identify damaged components – repair faulty parts

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