Humanitarian Jobs in Toronto Canada

A good way to reach out and help people is by getting into humanitarian jobs. If you feel like the work you’re doing now has little meaning in your life and that what you would like more than anything is to help people, you should consider applying for the numerous humanitarian job vacancies in Toronto, Canada.

Under the non-profit sector, you can work as a program manager, logistics staff, family support worker, social worker, etc.

Teaching and instruction

Like any other field, non-profit and humanitarian work is subdivided into different sectors — one of which is teaching and instruction. Humanitarian teaching and instruction jobs involve working with different disadvantaged or target groups to raise their consciousness on certain issues and keep them informed.

Teaching and instruction jobs can either be community-based or office-based. Community-based teaching is ideal for those who like doing community work, and want to personally immerse themselves in the situation of the groups they help. The topics covered by teachers and instructors depend on the cause and organization you’re working for.

Fundraising and support

One of the fields that non-profit organizations and groups need constant help in is financial support and fundraising. Due to the nature of these organizations, the funding that they get are rarely used to generate more income.

Instead, the money is used for assistance programs and to provide various services to the disadvantaged groups they aim to help. As a fundraiser, you will be in charge of promoting the organization’s programs and causes with the aim of getting private companies and corporations to fund the organization’s activities.

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