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The HRDC or the HRDC Job Bank links job hunters to multitudes of Canadian openings for employment. This site usually possesses up to five hundred thousand job bank postings. Not just that, the users could upload and manage their resumes or CVs, then create job alerts, and also match their profiles with specific job announcements.

Quick Facts on the HRDC

  • How to register: use Resume Builder, Job Match or Job Alert.
  • The Job Alert of HRDC: registered individuals could sign up to get new postings every day through emails.
  • The Job Search Options: Look for jobs by keywords, categories, names of jobs or even the locations. The instructions for applicants would be given for every job announcement.
  • Using the HRDC Job Match: Registered users could come up and manage profiles that could be advertised to prospective employers via the Job Bank, or to be matched with current adverts of the Job Bank.
  • The Training/Career of HRDC: This section focuses on career exploration, learning options, and resources elaborating on worker’s rights for Canadian job-seekers.

The HRDC also has services for employers. One such service is the posting of job adverts in the Canada’s Job Bank, specifically in the Human Resources and Skills Development section.

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