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Confidence in your own leadership and people skills may have brought to mind a career in human resources. The field’s very name invokes images of human relationships. You will be working for a company not just to find competent people but also to maintain relationships within the company.

Working for human resources

Being in human resources means that you have to practice good judgment during the selection process. You must be able to convey openness while eliciting respect from applicants and current employees. You constantly have to design methods for identifying strengths, weaknesses, and solutions. While doing your job, you also get to develop your own leadership and management skills, improving not only other employees but also yourself.

The most helpful HR courses

If you are still in college and serious about working for human resources, consider taking the following courses:

– employment law – employee relations – compensation – performance management – workforce planning and staffing

Possible job titles in Canada

When working in Canada expect to be hired as any of the following:

– HR manager – HR consultant – HR advisor – HR administrator – case manager


If you do become an HR advisor, a human resources administrator, or whatever it is you end up being called, you will initially earn a decent annual income coupled with competitive employee benefits. If you have been working in the same field for more than ten years, you will surely be earning more.

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