How to Quote for Electrical Jobs Canada

Being an electrician is not only about knowing how to make repairs but is also about knowing what prices are fair. You have to know how much a particular job costs to be fair to both your client and yourself. If you’re known for offering fair and affordable prices, business may boom. But before you get to that, you need to know how to write a quote for each of your projects.

Assessing the job and location

When dealing with the client for the first time, ask about what the job will most probably entail. Make sure that your discussion will cover all aspects of the job assignment. Find out where you have to make the necessary repairs or installation. You may have to charge for traveling expenses if the location is too far.

Providing the quote

To make things clear and keep things amiable at the same time, write your client a quote. The quote includes a schedule especially for more complicated jobs that will take days to finish. Through the quote, you are informing your client the tentative dates and the possible problems that may cause work to slow down. You will also include in the quote the breakdown of costs per major stage. This is so that your client is aware where their money is going.

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