How To Ask For A Raise

Asking for a raise makes even some of the most confident workers feel nervous.

Laying the Ground work

If you intend to ask your boss for a raise, make sure that you have sound reasons to back up your request. Months before you approach your boss to negotiate for a higher salary, start doing things that will make you eligible for a salary raise. You can do this by volunteering for more or bigger projects.

Keeping Tabs

Once you do, keep a tab of your accomplishments. Make a list of the extra projects you’ve taken, keep complimentary letters from managers or customers, and keep track of the new skills you’ve acquired.

Making your approach

Before you approach your boss regarding the raise, though, it’s important for you to be familiar with company policies. In case raises are only given annually, then it might not be possible for you to get a raise when you’ve just gotten one six months ago. But if the company you work for doesn’t have this kind of policy, then set up a meeting with your boss and show him or her what you have done for the company so far and let the boss know that you feel deserving of a salary raise.

Make sure you’re ready

In case your boss asks you the amount you want, be ready with an answer. It’s also best to accept a raise you’re given even if it’s smaller than the one you wanted. If you are denied a raise, ask kindly the reasons it was not given.

The knowledge you get will help you prepare the next time you want to ask for a raise.

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