Health Science Jobs Canada

Health science is the applied science that deals with the study of the human body and all health issues related to it. People in the field of health science are responsible for finding new ways on how to improve health, prevent sickness, promote nutrition, and cure diseases. Like most scientific fields, however, health science has also evolved into a business industry. Here are examples of jobs from the health science industry:

Research dietitian jobs

People who make a living by finding new ways to improve human nutrition and patient care are called research dietitians. Research dietitians conduct research studies to further understand nutrient interaction with a person’s body. Because they are involved in managing quality food service and improving patient care techniques, research dietitians usually work in medical institutions and research centers.

Dental hygienist jobs

Dental hygienists specialize in cleaning teeth and gums. The duties of dental hygienists, however, go beyond removing plaque and whitening teeth. Dental hygienists promote oral hygiene by teaching their patients how to avoid getting cavities or tooth decay. They also give tips on how to properly brush teeth and use dental floss. Their main role is to promote proper oral care to patients and the entire community.

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