Green Jobs Canada

The ongoing environmental crisis is becoming more evident as time passes. The good news is, more and more people are starting to do their part in saving the planet from possible destruction. Some help in spreading environmental awareness, while others help in controlling environmental pollution. In fact, some even take their dedication to helping Mother Nature an inch higher by pursuing careers in the environmental sector.

Green jobs and green-collar workers

Sticking with the tradition of using colors to name job categories, people decided to christen all jobs from the environmental sector as “green jobs.” People with green jobs, who are referred to as green-collar workers, make a living by protecting and preserving nature. Examples of green-collar workers are biological systems engineers, organic farmers, conservation movement workers, environmental lawyers, land use planners, ecotechnology workers, and green building architects.

Green development

One of the concepts being developed and promoted by green collar workers is green development, which is the idea of saving the environment through the construction of structures in a more environmental-friendly manner. This means that all land utilization activities are going to be performed while conserving energy, reducing gas emissions, and controlling pollution. The materials used in the building and construction of environmental-friendly structures are also non-toxic, renewable, and safe.

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