Graphic Design Jobs Ontario Canada

If years ago, working as a painter simply means using a brush and an easel,art now comes in many different forms. The use of digital art made computer graphic artists in demand, especially in advertising houses. Pursuing graphic arts in today’s modern world may entail learning how to use a special computer software.

Job description

As a modern graphic artist, you may work under a company or as a freelance. Either way, you will need to meet up with clients to discuss the project. You have to make sure that you know the details of the project before proceeding. Making mistakes can mean lots of wasted resources. Because clients’ specifications can vary, you must be prepared to work with several kinds of art form. You will also be working with other people, such as printers, copywriters and photographers.

Job titles in Ontario

If you want to work in Ontario, your job title may vary. You can be called a graphic designer or a graphic artist. Job ads emphasize on experience by adding “senior”, “junior” or “intermediate” to the titles. Other job titles suggest the scope of work, such as web/graphic designer, which requires artists to work on print and on the web.

Salary of graphic artists in Ontario

In Ontario, there is existing Association of Registered Graphic Artists. This group ensures that graphic artists are treated fairly. Naturally, senior graphic artists earn more than newcomers. The salary rate will largely depend on the type of project and company.

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