Gaming Jobs in Canada

Ask kids today what their favorite pastime is and at least one of them will answer “playing video games.” Because of the people’s immediate fascination with controlling characters or hitting targets by pressing buttons and maneuvering joysticks, video game production turned into a very profitable industry. In fact, the gaming industry has become so huge that it now opened lots of employment opportunities for people. Here are some examples of gaming jobs in Canada:

Video game designer jobs

Video game designers conceptualize, create, and develop video games. Although the job of video game designers seem fun and fancy, it is not necessarily easy. Video game designers, in fact, put much effort into details: they design and manage every aspect of the video games from game rules and scoring methods to sound effects and background art.

Video game tester jobs

The ideal job, at least for fans of video games, is a career in video game testing. Video game testers, as the name suggests, play video games for a living. They test the feasibility and marketability of new video games by actually playing them. The duty of video game testers, however, doesn’t stop with determining whether a particular video game is good or not. Video game testers also do paperwork: they make reviews video games after they test them. They highlight the good points of the game and mention the parts to be improved; this way, the video game designers are able to receive credible feedback regarding their creations.

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