Video Games Jobs Canada

Indeed, the main “power center” for Canada’s video game enterprises are Vancouver and Montreal, where handsome tax breaks resulted in major firms and thousands of video game employment positions. Ontario is actually not far behind; its provincial budget raised the tax credit for the digital media entities. This move permitted firms in Ontario to write off approximately 30% of staffing expenditures.

A list of available game-related jobs

These are just some of the jobs one would find in the postings of the Canadian entities (online and offline postings):

  • Audio Programmer
  • Senior Designer
  • Senior Cinematic Designer
  • Technical Designer
  • Senior Combat Designer
  • Lead Technical Animator
  • Tools Programmer
  • Senior Environment Artist
  • Technical Designer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Video Game Programmer
  • Video Game Artist
  • Video Game Producer
  • Layout Artists
  • Graphics
  • Localiation Manager
  • Art Director for high-profile kind of games

The movement of the games industry

According to many experts, the video game industry is moving toward a Hollywood-kind of model. Initially, the production would entail just a small clique of workers. Coming up with graphics is labor-intensive since new games are packed with so much details. However, when the work is done, there would be little for artists to accomplish, until the next project arrives.

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