Filipino Nursing Jobs in Canada

The number of health care professionals in Canada is decreasing. To maintain the favorable nurse to patient ratio in hospitals, Canada now accepts job applications from foreign workers. Of all the foreign workers trying their luck in Canada, however, Filipino nurses seem to be the most in demand.

Nursing courses, at the moment, are very popular in the Philippines. In fact, the job openings for nurses in the Philippines are not enough to support the overwhelming number of nursing graduates every year. Because there is a shortage of job vacancies for nurses in the country, many Filipino nurses just resort to finding work abroad. Having Filipino nurses work in Canada is actually a win-win situation for both countries: Canada gets the services they need from health care professionals, and the Philippines gets the economic boost they need from remittances.

What Filipino nurses need to work in Canada

A degree in nursing, of course, is the basic requirement to qualify for nursing jobs in Canada. It is also required for Filipino nurses to pass the standard examinations for registered nurses in Canada. Fluency in the English language is also needed to get nursing jobs. Luckily for Filipinos, English is the medium of instruction used in most Philippine schools. Aside from English, however, French is also widely spoken in Canada. Filipino applicants who are articulate in French tend to have higher chances of employment than their non-French speaking counterparts.

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