Environment Canada Jobs

Environmental jobs are reference to a group of occupations that share the common objective of protecting Mother Nature from harmful factors. The harmful factors that threaten the safety and protection of the environment are global warming, pollution, ocean acidification, toxicology, and ozone depletion. People with environmental jobs, who are sometimes referred to as green-collar workers, are responsible for coming up with new ways to eliminate environmental problems and maintain ecological balance. Here are some examples of environment jobs in Canada:

Environmental engineer jobs

Environmental engineers are responsible for developing technologies and modifying methods to help lessen the impact of engineering projects on the environment. It is the objective of environmental engineers to make the environment more suitable for human habitation. To do this, they have to design processes and supervise operations that can help eliminate waste and conserve energy.

Environmental lawyer jobs

Environmental lawyers are licensed attorneys who represent clients who are involved in legal cases concerning the environment. The cases handled by environmental lawyers include everything from wilderness preservation and land contamination to waste management and energy conservation. Like other lawyers, environmental lawyers also defend their clients inside courtrooms: they attend hearings and ask questions regarding the case. They can also be on the prosecution side, usually against companies whose practices pose threats to the environment and people in general.

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