EMT Jobs in Canada

The job that EMTs or Emergency Medical Technicians do are similar to those of paramedics. Like most of the other jobs in the health care industry that deal directly with patients, EMT jobs are given high importance in Canadian society. The scope of the job and practice of EMTs or paramedics is described in the NOCP document (National Occupational Competency Profile) developed and released by the Paramedic Association of Canada. Among the employers of EMTs are ambulance companies, fire department, technical rescue teams, and tactical response teams. They are, of course, hired also in hospitals and clinics all over Canada.

Training and background qualifications

Those applying for EMT jobs are not only required to have relevant academic background. They’re also required to undergo intense paramedic training. What applicants should know, however, is that the nature of the required paramedic training varies from province to province. For example, the length of Primary Care Paramedic training is three years in Quebec, while it only lasts three months in British Columbia.

If you’re planning on applying as an EMT, you must also be aware of the interprovincial variations in Canadian Paramedic practice. Although the National Occupational Competency Profile is followed by Canadian provinces, each and every province has the authority to regulate and legislate the administration of emergency medical services within its jurisdiction.

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