Direct Hiring Jobs in Canada and USA

Direct hiring can be beneficial to both prospective employer and aspiring job applicant. Taking away the middleman, in this case, will result to faster processing.

Pros and cons of direct hiring

When you apply directly through a job ad, you’ll know exactly when your application is sent. A recruitment agency usually adds your resume to a job bank. The job bank contains several other resumes for prospective employers to browse. You will need to extend a lot of effort just to get noticed. Without recruitment agencies to select applicants for them, employers also benefit by being able to select just exactly who they want to hire. Also, both employers and applicants do not have to pay fees to a recruitment agency. Employers, however, can possibly be swamped by junk applications, while applicants may have to exercise extra caution in avoiding scams.

Direct hiring in North America

Some companies in both Canada and the United States practice direct hiring, from within their countries and even from overseas. Thanks to the Internet, companies can attract several applicants from all over the world. In turn, people from overseas may also find it easier to explore job opportunities in the two North American countries.

Scam artists

Be wary of scams. Bogus companies may ask for placement fees, demand higher fees from older applicants or even directly contact you. Before applying directly to a company, make sure that the company exists and that the contact details are all for real.

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