Cruiseship Jobs Canada

Based on the number of cruiseship jobs Canada postings, these jobs continue to enjoy a very high demand. Cruiseship jobs Canada include jobs for those in the service and hospitality industries, such as chefs, waiters, health and beauty specialists, customer relation specialists and more.

For those seeking cruiseship jobs Canada, here are some places to start:

1. Canadian Cruise Recruitment:

The company is based in Calgary, Alberta. The company is a recruitment agency, with both corporate cruise ship clients and employment candidates. The company matches clients with available manpower resources.

2. CAST-A-WAY Cruise & Resort Hiring Agency (

CAST-A-WAY is a Quebec-base cruise ship recruitment company. They are the employment partner of Steiner Transocean, Carnival Cruise Line, and Disney Cruise Line.

3. Just Cruis’n Recruitment Inc. (

The company is based in Vancouver. It is the hiring partner of Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Starboard Cruise Services, Park West Gallery, Azamara Cruises, and the Norwegian Cruise Line.

4. Cruise Services International (

Cruise Services International is a cruise ship hiring company based in Ontario. They are the hiring partners of Celebrity Cruises, Cunard Cruise Lines, and the Royal Caribbean International.

5. Oceanbound Entertainment (

This is a Quebec-based company that recruits the entertainment staff of cruise ships.

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