Core Driller Jobs Canada

Core drilling is a very important aspect in mineral exploration. It is used to collect the core samples that geologists examine and analyze inside laboratories. Core samples, after all, have lots of implications on the area’s mineral content and stratigraphic nature. Companies use core drilling techniques and core sample examinations to determine whether an area is suitable for mining or not. The people responsible for setting up and operating core drilling equipment are called core drill operators.

How core drill operators do their job

Core drill operators start their job by lowering well casings into the well bore. They then determine whether there are changes in the strata or not. After which, they withdraw the drill rod from the hole and extract samples from the core. Using both hand and power tools, core drill operators assemble non-truck-mounted drilling equipment. They inspect the core samples they have collected earlier to observe and determine the nature of the strata. Some core drill operators hand over the core samples to geologists who will examine them inside a laboratory.

Collecting core samples, however, is not the only duty of core drill operators. They are also responsible for driving truck-mounted equipment, stabilizing rigs, and extending derricks. If some tools or equipment are lost in the holes, then it is also the duty of core drill operators to retrieve them. Core drill operators also perform maintenance work: they replace parts, repair components, lubricate machines, and fabricate well casings.

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