Comparing Jobs Offers

In case you find yourself in the enviable position of having two or more job offers, then you need to evaluate each of them and figure out which will be best for you. Most people make the common mistake of comparing job offers based on salaries and nothing else.

To help you find the best job for you, you need to keep track of other factors that will affect future employment.

Making a List

To help you keep track of the comparison, make a list of the job offers. Jot down various factors you have to compare such as the base salary, sign-on bonuses, pension plan, cost of living or how much transportation fees will be. Also include potentials for salary increase and career advancement, vacation policies, and job hours.

Compare & Contrast

Once you’ve already done the list, compare the pros and cons of accepting each job offer. It’s also advisable for you to compare the nature of the work and reputation of the companies, which have given you job offers. Don’t just dwell on the total compensation package; it’s important for you to choose the job that will give you the most satisfaction and will get you closer to achieving your career goals.

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