Caregiver Jobs in Canada

Employment opportunities in the health care industry are abundant in Canada. Among the many positions and jobs available in health care, one of the most in-demand ones are those of caregivers.

Tasks and responsibilities

People who hold caregiver jobs are responsible for providing assistance and care for children, those with disabilities, or the elderly.

The work that caregivers do covers a wide range of duties. Caregivers provide the patients with their day-to-day needs, monitor their health and medical progress, and even provide the patients’ family members with information regarding the patients’ illness.

The demand for live-in caregivers are also on the rise; the occupation is also seen by many as a good way of helping immigrants move to Canada. For live-in caregivers, the duties and tasks are basically the same, except they have to stay with their patients for periods that last for up to two years.

Requirements and qualifications

Aside from having an academic background in child care, geriatrics, and other related medical fields, applicants for caregiving positions should also have undergone the six-month training required in Canada.

Some employers may hire caregivers who do not have university degrees, as long as these applicants have related work experience and shows passion for the job.

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