Canada Oil Refinery Carpenter Jobs

Oil and mining is one of Canada’s most important industries, and has been responsible for providing jobs for Canadian residents. This is why it’s not surprising to find that there is a plethora of employment opportunities in the said industry. Among these job opportunities are vacancies for oil refinery carpenter jobs.

Requirements and qualifications

To apply as a carpenter in an oil refinery, you must have a working knowledge on the various equipment and tools used in the oil trade. Most employers also require applicants to be certified tradespersons and have related work experience. The numbr of work experience years required depends on the employer; some tend to be lax about it as long as you have demonstrable skills that are needed to carry out the tasks of the job. The work that oil refinery carpenters do is physically demanding, so one of the prime qualities that employers look for is good physical shape and condition.

Tasks and responsibilities

Just like what carpenters do in other fields, carpenters who work in oil refineries also construct and repair buildings and other structures. They work closely with site engineers to ensure that the employer’s specifications are followed and that their construction processes are in compliance with building codes and regulations.

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