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Curiosity may be the road to becoming a scientist. When you were young, people probably were commenting about your so-called snooping around. Some may recognize you for what you are – not a snoop, but a budding scientist. If you develop that curiosity and combine it with proper observation skills, you may have already paved a good future for yourself even at a young age.

Required skills

Curiosity has started it all. If you learn how to make use of that curiosity, you are in for something great. Observation skills and objectivity, of course, will help you record facts, not opinions. You should be able to formulate methods that will help you move from guesses or hypotheses to results and conclusion.

Types of scientists

Scientists are not all about observing the skies or taking samples of plant tissue. Here is a list of some types of scientists:

– pharmacist – biologist – biochemist – meteorologist – botanist – geologist – chemist

The above list is just an example; some of them can even be subdivided into further specializations. For example, biologists can be marine biologists or human biologists.

Necessary education

Most scientist jobs require an MA or a PhD, though having a bachelor’s degree may suffice for entry-level positions. The course you have to take will depend on your chosen focus. For instance, you need a Chemistry degree to become a chemist.

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