Canada Crew Jobs Search

There are different types of crew jobs in Canada that job seekers can apply for. From service crew to cabin crew jobs, Canada is home to many employment opportunities for job seekers with different backgrounds and interest.

Cabin crew jobs

The main duty of flight attendants or cabin crew is to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers who aboard commercial and private aircraft. The application requirements for flight attendant hopefuls vary depending on the employer, although there are certain standard rules and regulations followed in different countries. Take for example the height and weight requirements; some airlines follow strict standards regarding the minimum height and maximum weight of flight attendants. This has been a subject of debate in certain groups, some saying that the weight requirement is a form of discrimination and is only followed purely for aesthetic purposes. The height requirement, on the other hand, finds its legitimate basis on the fact that flight attendants must be able to reach the overhead cabins and not feel restricted with the low ceilings that some types of aircraft have.

Service crew jobs

Depending on the nature of the company you’re applying to, service crew jobs can range from cashiers and order takers to maintenance staff and drivers. The good thing about service crew jobs is that there is usually minimal application requirements; a college degree is not always required, and employers focus more on the applicant’s skills and working attitude. Due to these lax requirements, service crew jobs are accessible to more job seekers.

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